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a long, often cylindrical, cushion or pillow for a bed, sofa, etc.
anything resembling this in form or in use as a support.
any pillow, cushion, or pad.

Also called bolster plate. a circular casting on the side of a vessel, through which an anchor chain passes.
a timber used as a temporary support.
a beam for holding lines or rigging without chafing.
a bag filled with buoyant material, fitted into a small boat.

Metalworking. an anvillike support for the lower die of a drop forge.

a timber or the like connecting two ribs of a centering.
a chisel with a blade splayed toward the edge, used for cutting bricks.

Carpentry. a horizontal timber on a post for lessening the free span of a beam.
a structural member on which one end of a bridge truss rests.
to support with or as with a pillow or cushion.
to add to, support, or uphold (sometimes followed by up):
They bolstered their morale by singing. He bolstered up his claim with new evidence.
Contemporary Examples

Poland Tries to Cope The Daily Beast April 10, 2010
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Why the GOP’s Shutdown Insanity Won’t Hurt the Right Wing Jamelle Bouie September 19, 2013
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Historical Examples

Janice Day Helen Beecher Long
Philothea Lydia Maria Child
Little Wolf M. A. Cornelius
Davenport Dunn, Volume 2 (of 2) Charles James Lever
The Night Riders Ridgwell Cullum

verb (transitive)
(often foll by up) to support or reinforce; strengthen: to bolster morale
to prop up with a pillow or cushion
to add padding to: to bolster a dress
a long narrow pillow or cushion
any pad or padded support
(architect) a short horizontal length of timber fixed to the top of a post to increase the bearing area and reduce the span of the supported beam
a cold chisel having a broad blade splayed towards the cutting edge, used for cutting stone slabs, etc


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