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an area where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs


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  • Bomb-squad

    a squad or force of police officers or others trained to disarm bombs and other explosive devices. noun

  • Bomb–the

    bomb, the A very long forward pass intended to score a quick touchdown (1960s+ Football) Something wonderful, outstanding, etc (1990s+ Teenagers)

  • Bombacaceous

    belonging to the Bombacaceae, the bombax family of plants. adjective of, relating to, or belonging to the Bombacaceae, a family of tropical trees, including the kapok tree and baobab, that have very thick stems, often with water-storing tissue

  • Bombard

    to attack or batter with artillery fire. to attack with bombs. to assail vigorously: to bombard the speaker with questions. Physics. to direct high energy particles or radiations against: to bombard a nucleus. the earliest kind of cannon, originally throwing stone balls. Nautical, bomb ketch. an English leather tankard of the 18th century and earlier, […]

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