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to attack or batter with artillery fire.
to attack with bombs.
to assail vigorously:
to bombard the speaker with questions.
Physics. to direct high energy particles or radiations against:
to bombard a nucleus.
the earliest kind of cannon, originally throwing stone balls.
Nautical, bomb ketch.
an English leather tankard of the 18th century and earlier, similar to but larger than a blackjack.
Obsolete. a leather jug.
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Historical Examples

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verb (transitive) (bɒmˈbɑːd)
to attack with concentrated artillery fire or bombs
to attack with vigour and persistence: the boxer bombarded his opponent with blows to the body
to attack verbally, esp with questions: the journalists bombarded her with questions
(physics) to direct high-energy particles or photons against (atoms, nuclei, etc) esp to produce ions or nuclear transformations
noun (ˈbɒmbɑːd)
an ancient type of cannon that threw stone balls


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