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(of speech, writing, etc.) high-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious.
Contemporary Examples

Alec Baldwin Uncensored: On His HBO Doc, Bloomberg, Polanski, and The New York Times Marlow Stern October 21, 2013
Homeland’s Tracy Letts, Writer of ‘August: Osage County,’ Says Oscar Mania Is Frustrating Jason Lynch November 4, 2013
Paul Begala: Damn You, John Roberts, for Upholding Obamacare Paul Begala June 27, 2012
Why All the Hate for Les Mis? Megan McArdle January 6, 2013
Polls Close in First Libyan Election in More Than 40 Years Jamie Dettmer July 6, 2012

Historical Examples

Library Of The World’s Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 4 Charles Dudley Warner
Hellenica Xenophon
Simon the Jester William J. Locke
England and Germany Emile Joseph Dillon
The Book of Curiosities I. Platts



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