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Military. an airplane equipped to carry and drop bombs.
a person who drops or sets bombs, especially as an act of terrorism or sabotage.
bomber jacket.
Contemporary Examples

Why the Lockerbie Bomber Was Freed Andrew Neil August 23, 2009
To Hell With Privacy Richard Miniter December 29, 2009
Did the Boston Bombers Slit Their Friends’ Throats? David Frum April 29, 2013
Pakistani Taliban Leader Hakeemullah Mehsud Killed In U.S. Drone Strike Bill Roggio October 31, 2013
How Obama Can Really Get Serious on Terrorism Neil Livingstone January 27, 2010

Historical Examples

The Biography of a Rabbit Roy Benson
A Yankee Flier Over Berlin Al Avery
Dave Dawson on the Russian Front R. Sidney Bowen
Morale Murray Leinster
Sally Scott of the Waves Roy J. Snell

a military aircraft designed to carry out bombing missions
a person who plants bombs
(navy, slang) a Polaris submarine


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