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bone out
Contemporary Examples

I Shot Bin Laden Elliot Ackerman November 15, 2014
Rush Accuses Obama of Faking Isaac Forecasts and More Outrageous Limbaugh Claims August 27, 2012

Historical Examples

The House of Torchy Sewell Ford
A Practical Physiology Albert F. Blaisdell
Buffalo Land W. E. Webb
Margaret Brown’s French Cookery Book Margaret Brown
The Evolution of Culture Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers
The Wild Huntress Mayne Reid
Aesop’s Fables Aesop
Rick and Ruddy Howard R. Garis


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  • Bone-porcelain

    bone china.

  • Boneset

    any composite plant of the genus Eupatorium, especially E. perfoliatum, of North America, having white flowers in a flat-topped cluster. Historical Examples The Strollers Frederic S. Isham Reels and Spindles Evelyn Raymond The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2) Ida Husted Harper Just Patty Jean Webster The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) […]

  • Bonesetter

    a person who treats or sets fractures, broken or dislocated bones, or the like, especially one who is not a regular physician or surgeon; healer. Historical Examples The Hated Son Honore de Balzac The Hated Son Honore de Balzac Baseball Joe on the Giants Lester Chadwick The Hated Son Honore de Balzac The Hated Son […]

  • Bone–shaker

    an early-model bicycle, especially one with hard rubber tires. any uncomfortable vehicle. a rough ride in a vehicle.

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