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any mackerellike fish of the genus Sarda, as S. sarda, of the Atlantic Ocean.
any of several related species, as the skipjack, Euthynnus pelamis.
Contemporary Examples

How a New England Yankee Conquered China Sarah Whitman-Salkin July 13, 2009

Historical Examples

Parasites T. Spencer Cobbold
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth
The Great White Tribe in Filipinia Paul T. Gilbert
A Canyon Voyage Frederick S. Dellenbaugh
The Water Supply of the El Paso and Southwestern Railway from Carrizozo to Santa Rosa, N. Mex. J. L. Campbell
The Lion of Saint Mark G. A. Henty
‘Twixt Land & Sea Joseph Conrad
The Lion of Saint Mark G. A. Henty
The Lion of Saint Mark G. A. Henty

noun (pl) -tos
any of various small tunny-like marine food fishes of the genus Sarda, of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters: family Scombridae (tunnies and mackerels)
any of various similar or related fishes, such as Katsuwonus pelamis (oceanic bonito), the flesh of which is dried and flaked and used in Japanese cookery


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