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a hat, usually tying under the chin and often framing the face, formerly much worn by women but now worn mostly by children.
Informal. any hat worn by women.
Chiefly Scot. a man’s or boy’s cap.
a bonnetlike headdress:
an Indian war bonnet.
any of various hoods, covers, or protective devices.
a cowl, hood, or wind cap for a fireplace or chimney, to stabilize the draft.
the part of a valve casing through which the stem passes and that forms a guide and seal for the stem.
a chamber at the top of a hot-air furnace from which the leaders emerge.
Chiefly British. an automobile hood.
Nautical. a supplementary piece of canvas laced to the foot of a fore-and-aft sail, especially a jib, in light winds.
to put a bonnet on.
[zhawrzh] /ʒɔrʒ/ (Show IPA), 1889–1973, French statesman.
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any of various hats worn, esp formerly, by women and girls, usually framing the face and tied with ribbons under the chin
Also called (in Scotland) bunnet (ˈbʌnɪt)

a soft cloth cap
formerly, a flat brimless cap worn by men

the hinged metal part of a motor vehicle body that provides access to the engine, or to the luggage space in a rear-engined vehicle
a cowl on a chimney
(nautical) a piece of sail laced to the foot of a foresail to give it greater area in light winds
(in the US and Canada) a headdress of feathers worn by some tribes of American Indians, esp formerly as a sign of war
Swiss naturalist who discovered parthenogenesis when he observed that aphid eggs could develop without fertilization. Bonnet was also one of the first scientists to study photosynthesis.

see: bee in one’s bonnet


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