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Giovanni Maria
[jaw-vahn-nee mah-ree-ah] /dʒɔˈvɑn ni mɑˈri ɑ/ (Show IPA), 1640–78, and his sons Giovanni Battista
[baht-tee-stah] /bɑtˈti stɑ/ (Show IPA) 1670–1747, and Marc Antonio
[mahrk ahn-taw-nyaw] /mɑrk ɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/ (Show IPA) 1675–1726, Italian composers.
Historical Examples

Handel Romain Rolland
Mohawks, Volume 1 of 3 Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Mohawks, Volume 3 of 3 Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Handel Romain Rolland
Great Musical Composers George T. Ferris
Handel Romain Rolland
Handel Romain Rolland
The Violoncello and Its History Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski
Great Musical Composers George T. Ferris
Handel Romain Rolland


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