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a stupid or silly mistake; blunder.
a minor injury.
noun (pl) -boos
(informal) an embarrassing mistake; blunder


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  • Boobs

    a stupid person; fool; dunce. British. a blunder; mistake. British. to blunder. a female breast. noun an ignorant or foolish person; booby (Brit) an embarrassing mistake; blunder a female breast verb (intransitive) (Brit) to make a blunder noun (Austral, slang) a prison adjective of poor quality, similar to that provided in prison: boob coffee n. […]

  • Booby-hatch

    Nautical. a small hatch giving access to a ladder from the weather deck of a vessel to the interior of the hull. a small companion secured over a deck opening. a hoodlike hatch cover having a sliding top. Slang. an insane asylum. jail. noun a hoodlike covering for a hatchway on a ship (US, offensive, […]

  • Booby-prize

    a prize given in good-natured ridicule to the worst player or team in a game or contest. noun a mock prize given to the person having the lowest score or giving the worst performance in a competition

  • Booby-trap

    a hidden bomb or mine so placed that it will be set off by an unsuspecting person through such means as moving an apparently harmless object. any hidden trap set for an unsuspecting person. to set with or as if with a booby trap; attach a booby trap to or in. noun a hidden explosive […]

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