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the lot, pack, or crowd:
Send the whole boodle back to the factory.
a large quantity of something, especially money:
He’s worth a boodle.
a bribe or other illicit payment, especially to or from a politician; graft.
stolen goods; loot; booty; swag.
to obtain money dishonestly, as by bribery or swindling.
kit and boodle. kit1 (def 10).
Historical Examples

The Making of Bobby Burnit George Randolph Chester
Asiatic Breezes Oliver Optic
Chicago, Satan’s Sanctum L. O. Curon
Port O’ Gold Louis John Stellman
‘The System,’ as uncovered by the San Francisco Graft Prosecution Franklin Hichborn

money or valuables, esp when stolen, counterfeit, or used as a bribe
(mainly US) another word for caboodle
to give or receive money corruptly or illegally

An entire lot; a large number or amount; caboodle (1830s+)
Counterfeit money (1850s+ Underworld)
Bribe money or other money obtained by graft and corruption: A few trees are planted. What happens to most of the boodle? (1880s+)
Money in general (1890+)
Sweets; treats; delicacies (Prison & students 1900+)


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