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  • Boomed

    to make a deep, prolonged, resonant sound. to move with a resounding rush or great impetus. to progress, grow, or flourish vigorously, as a business or a city: Her business is booming since she enlarged the store. to give forth with a booming sound (often followed by out): The clock boomed out nine. to boost; […]

  • Boomer

    a person or thing that booms. a person who settles in areas or towns that are booming. Informal. baby boomer. Informal. a wandering or migratory worker; hobo. a period of sudden and decisive economic growth: July was a boomer for the retail trade. Informal. a person, fad, etc., that enjoys a brief popularity or financial […]

  • Boomer-state

    Oklahoma (used as a nickname).

  • Boomerang

    a bent or curved piece of tough wood used by the Australian Aborigines as a throwing club, one form of which can be thrown so as to return to the thrower. something, as a scheme or argument, that does injury to the originator. Theater. a mobile platform, adjustable to different levels, for painting scenery. a […]

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