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to make a deep, prolonged, resonant sound.
to move with a resounding rush or great impetus.
to progress, grow, or flourish vigorously, as a business or a city:
Her business is booming since she enlarged the store.
to give forth with a booming sound (often followed by out):
The clock boomed out nine.
to boost; campaign for vigorously:
His followers are booming George for mayor.
a deep, prolonged, resonant sound.
the resonant cry of a bird or animal.
a buzzing, humming, or droning, as of a bee or beetle.
a rapid increase in price, development, numbers, etc.:
a boom in housing construction.
a period of rapid economic growth, prosperity, high wages and prices, and relatively full employment.
a rise in popularity, as of a political candidate.
caused by or characteristic of a boom:
boom prices.
Nautical. any of various more or less horizontal spars or poles for extending the feet of sails, especially fore-and-aft sails, for handling cargo, suspending mooring lines alongside a vessel, pushing a vessel away from wharves, etc.

an outrigger used on certain aircraft for connecting the tail surfaces to the fuselage.
a maneuverable and retractable pipe on a tanker aircraft for refueling another aircraft in flight.
chord1 (def 4).

a chain, cable, series of connected floating timbers, or the like, serving to obstruct navigation, confine floating timber, etc.
the area thus shut off.
Machinery. a spar or beam projecting from the mast of a derrick for supporting or guiding the weights to be lifted.
(on a motion-picture or television stage) a spar or beam on a mobile crane for holding or manipulating a microphone or camera.
to extend or position, as a sail (usually followed by out or off).
to manipulate (an object) by or as by means of a crane or derrick.
to sail at full speed.
lower the boom, to take decisive punitive action:
The government has lowered the boom on tax evaders.
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Historical Examples

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to make a deep prolonged resonant sound, as of thunder or artillery fire
to prosper or cause to prosper vigorously and rapidly: business boomed
a deep prolonged resonant sound: the boom of the sea
the cry of certain animals, esp the bittern
a period of high economic growth characterized by rising wages, profits, and prices, full employment, and high levels of investment, trade, and other economic activity Compare depression (sense 5)
any similar period of high activity
the activity itself: a baby boom
(nautical) a spar to which a sail is fastened to control its position relative to the wind
a beam or spar pivoting at the foot of the mast of a derrick, controlling the distance from the mast at which a load is lifted or lowered
a pole, usually extensible, carrying an overhead microphone and projected over a film or television set

a barrier across a waterway, usually consisting of a chain of connected floating logs, to confine free-floating logs, protect a harbour from attack, etc
the area so barred off


Excellent; wonderful; boom, fly, rad
Playing loud bass tones on a stereo (1980s+ Teenagers)

To flourish; show vigor: Business is booming! (1860s+)
To promote aggressively: There he goes booming that brand of soap (1890s+)
(also boom along) To sail fast, under full canvas (1600s+ Nautical)

see: lower the boom


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