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to lift or raise by pushing from behind or below.
to advance or aid by speaking well of; promote:
She always boosts her hometown.
to increase; raise:
to boost prices; to boost the horsepower of the car by 20 percent.
Slang. to steal, especially to shoplift:
Two typewriters were boosted from the office last night.
Slang. to engage in stealing, especially shoplifting.
an upward shove or raise; lift.
an increase; rise:
There’s been a tremendous boost in food prices.
an act, remark, or the like, that helps one’s progress, morale, efforts, etc.:
His pep talk was the boost our team needed.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Man in the Twilight Ridgwell Cullum
Teddy: Her Book Anna Chapin Ray
The Corner House Girls on a Tour Grace Brooks Hill
Crooked Trails and Straight William MacLeod Raine
Old Crow Alice Brown

encouragement, improvement, or help: a boost to morale
an upward thrust or push: he gave him a boost over the wall
an increase or rise: a boost in salary
a publicity campaign; promotion
the amount by which the induction pressure of a supercharged internal-combustion engine exceeds that of the ambient pressure
verb (transitive)
to encourage, assist, or improve: to boost morale
to lift by giving a push from below or behind
to increase or raise: to boost the voltage in an electrical circuit
to cause to rise; increase: to boost sales
to advertise on a big scale
to increase the induction pressure of (an internal-combustion engine) above that of the ambient pressure; supercharge
A linear map from one reference frame to another in which each coordinate is increased or decreased by an independent constant or linear function. A boost corresponds to a shift of the entire coordinate system without any rotation of its axes.

To steal, esp by shoplifting: Someone had boosted my tape recorder out of the room/ slept on park benches and boosted from the A&P (1908+)
To praise highly: to boost one’s home town (1900+)
To do the sex act with or to; bonk, screw (1980s+ Students)


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