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the Herdsman, a northern constellation between Ursa Major and Serpens, containing the bright star Arcturus.
Historical Examples

Half-hours with the Telescope Richard A. Proctor
Bygone London Frederick Ross
Narcissus Unknown
Brief Lives (Vol. 1 of 2) John Aubrey
Brief Lives (Vol. 2 of 2) John Aubrey
The Golden Dog William Kirby
The Olden Time Series, Vol. 5: Some Strange and Curious Punishments Henry M. Brooks
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell
Ars Amatoria, or The Art Of Love Ovid
Half-hours with the Telescope Richard A. Proctor

noun (Latin genitive) Boötis (bəʊˈəʊtɪs)
a constellation in the N hemisphere lying near Ursa Major and containing the first magnitude star Arcturus
A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Virgo and Corona Borealis. It contains the bright star Arcturus. Boötes (the Plowman or Herdsman) is one of the earliest recorded constellations.


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