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Also, bootee. a usually soft, sometimes disposable sock or bootlike covering for the foot or shoe, as for informal wear, warmth, or protection:
quilted booties for après-ski; germfree, throwaway booties for surgical teams.
bootee (def 1).
spoil taken from an enemy in war; plunder; pillage.
something that is seized by violence and robbery.
any prize or gain.
Slang. the buttocks.
Slang: Vulgar.

the vulva and vagina.
sexual intercourse.
women regarded as sex objects.

shake one’s booty, Slang.

to swing the hips and buttocks from side to side.
to dance with energy and enthusiasm.

Contemporary Examples

Justin Bieber Faces Deportation; NBC Moves Emmy Awards to Monday Culture Team January 28, 2014
Aporkalypse Now: Pig-Killing Virus Could Mean the End of Bacon Carrie Arnold August 19, 2014
Lourdes’ Edgy New Look Isabel Wilkinson November 17, 2010

Historical Examples

Polly’s Southern Cruise Lillian Elizabeth Roy
The Mother and Her Child William S. Sadler
The Battle of Hexham; George Colman
The Palace of Pleasure William Painter
She Buildeth Her House Will Comfort
The Biography of a Rabbit Roy Benson

a variant of bootee
(Brit, slang) a Royal Marine
noun (pl) -ties
any valuable article or articles, esp when obtained as plunder
(slang) the buttocks

The female body as a sex object You can listen to it, but you can shake your booty to it too
The vulva
The sex act; sex; ass: The heroines are giving up some booty (1920s+ Black)


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