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Also called bebop. early modern jazz developed in the early 1940s and characterized by often dissonant triadic and chromatic chords, fast tempos and eccentric rhythms, intricate melodic lines punctuated by pop-tune phrases, and emphasizing the inventiveness of soloists.
Compare cool jazz, hard bop, modern jazz, progressive jazz.
Slang. to move, go, or proceed (often followed by on down):
Let’s bop on down to the party.
to strike, as with the fist or a stick; hit.
a blow.
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Historical Examples

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a form of jazz originating in the 1940s, characterized by rhythmic and harmonic complexity and instrumental virtuosity Originally called bebop
(informal) a session of dancing to pop music
verb bops, bopping, bopped
(intransitive) (informal) to dance to pop music
verb bops, bopping, bopped
(transitive) to strike; hit
a blow

: a bop on the beezer (1930s+)
A fight among gangs; rumble (1950s+ Street gang)
The sex act; screw (1970s+)
(also bebop) A style of modern jazz characterized by complex harmonies, sudden changes in register, the use of fast and nearly unintelligible lyrics, etc: Bop is ”cool” jazz (1940s+ Jazz musicians)

To strike, esp with the fist: Nina reached out and bopped her on the head/ I kept my temper in check, since bopping police chiefs wasn’t good PR (1930s+)
To defeat: The home team got bopped again (1980s+)
: You gotta go on bopping and hanging around street corners all your life?
: You told Esteva the cop was bopping his wife
To walk or go, esp in a slow and relaxed mood: They bopped over to the bar (1950s+ Students)

basic oxygen process
blatant other promotion (that is, blatant promotion of work of others)
[Federal] Bureau of Prisons


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