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a brothel.
Contemporary Examples

The Sex Lives of Male Hookers Tracy Quan July 5, 2009
Putting Words in Gore Vidal’s Mouth—a Copywriter Recalls the 1982 Senate Campaign Robert Chandler August 5, 2012
‘Whores’ Glory’: An Interview With Michael Glawogger Tracy Quan April 27, 2012

Historical Examples

The Poetry Of Robert Browning Stopford A. Brooke
The Saracen: The Holy War Robert Shea
The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 13, No. 79, May, 1864 Various
After the Rain Sam Vaknin
The American Credo George Jean Nathan
An Introduction to the Prose and Poetical Works of John Milton Hiram Corson
The Poetry Of Robert Browning Stopford A. Brooke

noun (pl) -los
a brothel Also called (archaic) bordel (ˈbɔːdəl)


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