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Gail, 1801–74, U.S. inventor: developed technique for condensing milk.
Lizzie (Andrew) 1860–1927, defendant in U.S. 1893 trial: acquitted of ax murder of father and stepmother.
Sir Robert Laird
[laird] /lɛərd/ (Show IPA), 1854–1937, Canadian statesman: prime minister 1911–20.
Contemporary Examples

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Would You Stay in Lizzie Borden’s Ax-Murder House? Nina Strochlic October 29, 2014
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Historical Examples

Victor’s Triumph Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
The Pirate Shark Elliott Whitney
A Modern Cinderella Amanda M. Douglas
The Pirate Shark Elliott Whitney
The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson – Swanston Edition Vol. 13 (of 25) Robert Louis Stevenson


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