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the area adjacent to the outer edges of an escutcheon.
Historical Examples

The Curiosities of Heraldry Mark Antony Lower
Notes and Queries, Number 238, May 20, 1854 Various
Notes and Queries, Number 203, September 17, 1853 Various
French Book-plates Walter Hamilton
Notes & Queries 1850.01.26 Various
The Handbook to English Heraldry Charles Boutell
A Complete Guide to Heraldry Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
Chaucer’s Works, Volume 3 (of 7) Geoffrey Chaucer
A Complete Guide to Heraldry Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
Life of Sir William Wallace of Elderslie, Vol, II (of II) John D. Carrick

(heraldry) the outer edge of a shield, esp when decorated distinctively


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