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bore the pants off someone


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  • Boric-acid

    Also called orthoboric acid. Chemistry, Pharmacology. a white, crystalline acid, H 3 BO 3 , occurring in nature or prepared from borax: used chiefly in the manufacture of ceramics, cements, glass, and enamels, for fireproofing, and in medicine in aqueous solution as a mild antiseptic. Chemistry. any of a group of acids containing boron. Historical […]

  • Boric-oxide

    a colorless crystalline compound, B 2 O 3 , used in metallurgy and chemical analysis.

  • Boride

    a compound consisting of two elements of which boron is the more electronegative one. noun a compound in which boron is the most electronegative element, esp a compound of boron and a metal

  • Boring

    causing or marked by boredom: a boring discussion; to have a boring time. Machinery. the act or process of making or enlarging a hole. the hole so made. Geology. a cylindrical sample of earth strata obtained by boring a vertical hole. borings, the chips, fragments, or dust produced in boring. to weary by dullness, tedious […]

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