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borland software corporation
A company that sells a variety of PC software development and database systems. Borland was founded in 1983 and initially became famous for their low-cost software, particularly Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, and Turbo Prolog.
Current and past products include the Borland C++ C++ and C developement environment, the Paradox and dBASE databases, Delphi, JBuilder, and InterBase.
Borland has approximately 1000 employees worldwide and has operations in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
Borland sold Quattro Pro to Novell in 1994 for $100M. Novell later sold the product to Corel Corporation, who also bought Paradox. dBASE was sold in March(?) 1999 to dBase Inc.
In Febuary 1998 Borland bought Visigenic Software, Inc..
The company changed its name to Inprise Corporation on 1998-04-29 and then on 2000-11-14 they announced they were changing it back to Borland from the first quarter of 2001.
Quarterly sales $69M, profits $61M (Aug 1994). $56M, $6.4M (July 2001)
Headquarters: 100 Borland Way, Scotts Valley, CA, 95066, USA. Telephone: +1 (408) 431 1000.


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