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Sir Jagadis Chandre
[juh-guh-dees chuhn-druh] /dʒə gəˈdis ˈtʃʌn drə/ (Show IPA), 1858–1937, Indian physicist and plant physiologist.
Satyendra Nath [saw-tyen-draw nuht] /sɔˈtyɛn drɔ ˈnʌt/ (Show IPA), 1894–1974, Indian physicist.
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Sir Jagadis Chandra (dʒəɡəˈdiːs ˈtʃʌndrə). 1858–1937, Indian physicist and plant physiologist
Satyendra Nath (səˈtjɛndrə ˈnɑːθ). 1894–1974, Indian physicist, who collaborated with Einstein in devising Bose-Einstein statistics
Subhas Chandra (sʊbˈhɑːʃ ˈtʃʌndrə), known as Netaji. 1897–1945, Indian nationalist leader; president of the Indian National Congress (1938–39); organized the Indian National Army, with Japanese support, in Singapore to free India from British Rule
Indian physicist who derived the quantum statistics of photons by assuming that photons with the same energy were indistinguishable particles. His idea inspired Albert Einstein to apply the same concept to other particles, including atoms, predicting the possibility of Bose-Einstein condensates. Particles behaving in accordance with Bose’s statistics are today called bosons.


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