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having a specified type of bosom (usually used in combination):
a full-bosomed garment; the green-bosomed earth.
concealed or secreted in the bosom.
the breast of a human being.
the breasts of a woman.
the part of a garment that covers the breast.
the breast, conceived of as the center of feelings or emotions.
something likened to the human breast:
the bosom of the earth.
a state of enclosing intimacy; warm closeness:
the bosom of the family.
of, relating to, or worn on or over the bosom.
intimate or confidential:
a bosom friend.
to take to the bosom; embrace; cherish.
to hide from view; conceal.
Historical Examples

Two Years in the French West Indies Lafcadio Hearn
A Description of Millenium Hall Sarah Scott

the chest or breast of a person, esp the female breasts
the part of a woman’s dress, coat, etc, that covers the chest
a protective centre or part: the bosom of the family
the breast considered as the seat of emotions
(modifier) very dear; intimate: a bosom friend
verb (transitive)
to embrace
to conceal or carry in the bosom


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