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  • Bossman

    a leader or boss. Contemporary Examples The Muslim Convert Behind America’s First Workplace Beheading Michael Daly September 26, 2014

  • Boss-screen

    noun a screen image within a computer game that can be activated instantly, designed to hide the evidence of game-playing, especially at work

  • Boss-someone-around

    boss someone around

  • Boss-trick

    boss trick

  • Boss-tweed

    William Marcy [mahr-see] /ˈmɑr si/ (Show IPA), (“Boss Tweed”) 1823–78, U.S. politician. a river flowing E from S Scotland along part of the NE boundary of England into the North Sea. 97 miles (156 km) long. a male given name. noun a thick woollen often knobbly cloth produced originally in Scotland (as modifier): a tweed […]

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