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a seaport in and the capital of Massachusetts, in the E part.
(lowercase) a variety of whist, popular in the early 19th century, played by four persons with two packs of cards.
(usually lowercase) a social dance that is a modification of the waltz.
a state in the NE United States, on the Atlantic coast. 8257 sq. mi. (21,385 sq. km).
Capital: Boston.
Abbreviation: MA (for use with zip code), Mass.
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a card game for four, played with two packs
(mainly US) a slow gliding dance, a variation of the waltz
a port in E Massachusetts, the state capital. Pop: 581 616 (2003 est)
a port in E England, in SE Lincolnshire. Pop: 35 124 (2001)
a state of the northeastern US, on the Atlantic: a centre of resistance to English colonial policy during the War of American Independence; consists of a coastal plain rising to mountains in the west. Capital: Boston. Pop: 6 433 422 (2003 est). Area: 20 269 sq km (7826 sq miles) Abbreviation Mass, (with zip code) MA

Note: Site of the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.

Note: Boston is often called “the Hub” for “Hub of the Universe,” or “Beantown” after Boston baked beans.

Note: One of the thirteen colonies, playing a key role in resisting the British before and during the Revolutionary War.

Note: The settlement of Massachusetts began in 1620, when the first Pilgrims arrived from England in the Mayflower near Plymouth Rock.


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