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adjective, adverb
another term for each way
(usually with a negative) have it both ways, to try to get the best of a situation, argument, etc, by chopping and changing between alternatives or opposites
Contemporary Examples

Bring Back That Wall! Nomi Prins December 15, 2009
The Real War on Fox Benjamin Sarlin October 29, 2009
Cheney Was Right Peter Beinart January 2, 2010
Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick to End With Johnny Cash and the Sunset Melissa Leon October 13, 2014
Un-American Revolutions Niall Ferguson February 26, 2011

Historical Examples

Alarms and Discursions G. K. Chesterton
Albert Durer T. Sturge Moore
The Confessions of Saint Augustine Saint Augustine
Canada: the Empire of the North Agnes C. Laut
The River-Names of Europe Robert Ferguson


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