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bottle, the

Liquor; booze: In life he battled wives, producers, bankruptcy, and the bottle (1600s+)
Male prostitution (1960s+)


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  • Bottle-jack

    noun (NZ) a large jack used for heavy lifts Historical Examples Mother Carey’s Chicken George Manville Fenn

  • Bottle-o

    noun (Austral & NZ, history, informal) a dealer in empty bottles

  • Bottle-washer

    a person or machine that washes bottles. chief cook and bottlewasher, a person who does a wide variety of routine, sometimes menial, tasks: He’s not just sales manager, he’s the chief cook and bottlewasher in this firm. Historical Examples Marion Berkley Elizabeth B. Comins The Recipe for Diamonds Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne Marriage H. […]

  • Bottled-in-bond

    (of a straight whiskey or brandy) bottled at 100 proof after aging at least four years and being stored untaxed under U.S. government supervision until released for sale by the manufacturer. noun

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