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bottom fish.
an opportunist, as in politics or business:
bottom feeders who buy up commercial failures.
a person having low status; loser; lowlife:
bottom feeders hanging out in seedy bars.
a person who appeals to base instincts:
Gossip columnists are the bottom feeders of journalism.
Contemporary Examples

Louis C.K. on Daniel Tosh’s Rape Joke: Are Comedy and Feminism Enemies? Jennifer L. Pozner July 17, 2012

a fish that feeds on material at the bottom of a river, lake, sea, etc
an objectionable and unimpressive person or thing
Also called bottom fisher. a speculator who buys shares in companies that are performing poorly in anticipation of improved performance

A despicable, predatory person who exploits and fancies the squalid; scumsucker, sleazebag: Jesse Helms, David Duke, and other political bottom feeders
(also bottom fisher or bottom troller) A person or company that deliberately exploits those in difficulty and profits by their poverty or misfortune: which has made the bottom trollers start to take notice


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