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bottom line, the

The bookkeeping figure showing profit or loss
The result of any computation or estimate, esp one showing total costs: I’ll go half if the bottom line’s OK
Any final decision or judgment: Let me tell you the bottom line
A fundamental or crucial point of fact; the essence; the NITTY-GRITTY: The bottom line is I am paid to win games, not for goodwill


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  • Bottom-liner

    a person, as an executive, accountant, or stockholder, who puts the net profits of a business ahead of all other considerations.

  • Bottom-man-on-the-totem-pole

    bottom man on the totem pole

  • Bottommost

    of, relating to, or situated at the bottom. (of one of a series) farthest down; lowest. bottom. Historical Examples Ladies and Gentlemen Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury) Cobb Ladies and Gentlemen Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury) Cobb The Lost Ambassador E. Phillips Oppenheim adjective lowest or most fundamental

  • Bottom-of-the-barrel

    bottom of the barrel The least desirable, the dregs, as in The nominating committee had trouble finding candidates; they were settling for the bottom of the barrel. The phrase often occurs in scrape the bottom of the barrel, meaning “to use the least desirable elements” (because one has no choice), as in Bringing up that […]

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