a soup or stew containing several kinds of fish and often shellfish, usually combined with olive oil, tomatoes, and saffron.
Contemporary Examples

What Does the ASA Boycott Mean? They Don’t Know. Jay Michaelson December 3, 2013
Fresh Picks George Mendes September 6, 2010

Historical Examples

The Car That Went Abroad Albert Bigelow Paine
His Masterpiece Emile Zola
Allied Cookery Grace Glergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue
Soyer’s Culinary Campaign Alexis Soyer
The Feasts of Autolycus Elizabeth Robins Pennell
Hand-Book of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks Pierre Blot
Castellinaria Henry Festing Jones
Their Majesties as I Knew Them Xavier Paoli

a rich stew or soup of fish and vegetables flavoured with spices, esp saffron

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  • Bouillon

    a clear, usually seasoned broth made by straining water in which beef, chicken, etc., has been cooked, or by dissolving a commercially prepared bouillon cube or cubes in hot water. Historical Examples The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened Kenelm Digby L’Assommoir Emile Zola The Brute Frederic Arnold Kummer Social Life Maud C. Cooke […]

  • Bouillon-cube

    a small compressed cube of dehydrated beef, chicken, or vegetable stock.

  • Bouillon-cup

    a small, bowl-shaped vessel, with two handles, in which bouillon is served.

  • Bouillon-spoon

    a spoon with a round bowl, smaller than a soup spoon.

  • Bouillotte-lamp

    a table lamp of the 18th century, having two or three adjustable candle brackets and a common shade sliding on a central shaft.

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