(informal) the ability to recover after a setback, esp in sport
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  • Bounceberry

    noun Word Origin

  • Bounced-flash

    a flash bounced off a reflective surface, as a ceiling or wall, to illuminate a subject indirectly.

  • Bouncer

    a person or thing that bounces. a person who is employed at a bar, nightclub, etc., to eject disorderly persons. something large of its kind. Contemporary Examples Baseball’s Greatest Comebacks Kevin Baker October 16, 2008 The Burglar Bunch Goes to Court Nicole LaPorte December 1, 2009 Carrie Bradshaw and Me Rebecca Dana August 4, 2009 […]

  • Bouncy

    tending characteristically to bounce or bounce well: An old tennis ball is not as bouncy as a new one. resilient: a thick carpet that is bouncy underfoot. animated; lively: a bouncy personality. Contemporary Examples Miley Cyrus, Walter White, Oprah: Your Pop Culture Halloween Costume Guide Kevin Fallon October 20, 2013 Kate Middleton’s Classic Style Rebecca […]

  • Bouncing

    stout, strong, or vigorous: a bouncing baby boy. exaggerated; big; hearty; noisy. to spring back from a surface in a lively manner: The ball bounced off the wall. to strike the ground or other surface, and rebound: The ball bounced once before he caught it. to move or walk in a lively, exuberant, or energetic […]

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