a bunch of flowers; nosegay.
a compliment:
The drama critics greeted her performance with bouquets.
the characteristic aroma of wines, liqueurs, etc.
Contemporary Examples

‘Salinger,’ the Documentary on Reclusive Author J.D. Salinger, Premieres at Telluride Marlow Stern September 1, 2013
TV’s Best and Worst Moms: ‘Veep,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and More The Daily Beast Video May 10, 2014
Charlie Wilson’s CIA Adventures George Crile February 10, 2010
Whose Bloody Footprints Were They? Barbie Latza Nadeau May 9, 2009
How the Lame Democrats Blew It Goldie Taylor November 4, 2014

Historical Examples

Evelyn Innes George Moore
The Dream Emile Zola
Long Live the King Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Boy Life of Napoleon Eugenie Foa
The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book Victor Hirtzler

(bəʊˈkeɪ; buː-). a bunch of flowers, esp a large carefully arranged one
Also called nose (buːˈkeɪ). the characteristic aroma or fragrance of a wine or liqueur
a compliment or expression of praise

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