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a member of the middle class.
a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability.
a shopkeeper or merchant.
belonging to, characteristic of, or consisting of the middle class.
conventional; middle-class.
dominated or characterized by materialistic pursuits or concerns.
a size of type approximately 9-point, between brevier and long primer.
Léon Victor Auguste
[ley-awn veek-tawr oh-gyst] /leɪˈɔ̃ vikˈtɔr oʊˈgyst/ (Show IPA), 1851–1925, French statesman: Nobel Peace Prize 1920.
Louise, 1911–2010, U.S. sculptor, born in France.
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noun (pl) -geois
a member of the middle class, esp one regarded as being conservative and materialistic or (in Marxist thought) a capitalist exploiting the working class
a mediocre, unimaginative, or materialistic person
characteristic of, relating to, or comprising the middle class
conservative or materialistic in outlook: a bourgeois mentality
(in Marxist thought) dominated by capitalists or capitalist interests
(formerly) a size of printer’s type approximately equal to 9 point
Léon Victor Auguste. (leɔ̃ viktɔr oɡyst). 1851–1925, French statesman; first chairman of the League of Nations: Nobel peace prize 1920

It is better to be a good ordinary bourgeois than a bad ordinary bohemian. [Aldous Huxley, 1930]


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