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a sliding current collector, consisting of a bow-shaped strip mounted on a hinged framework, used on trains, etc, to collect current from an overhead-wire Compare skate1 (sense 4)


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  • Bow-compass

    any of several types of compasses having the legs joined by a bow-shaped piece. noun a compass for drawing, in which the legs are joined by a flexible metal bow-shaped spring rather than a hinge, the angle being adjusted by a screw Also called bow-spring compass

  • Bowditch

    Nathaniel, 1773–1838, U.S. mathematician, astronomer, and navigator. a handbook of navigation, American Practical Navigator, originally prepared by N. Bowditch and published since 1802 in a series of editions. Historical Examples Lectures in Navigation Ernest Gallaudet Draper Lectures in Navigation Ernest Gallaudet Draper The Underground Railroad William Still Lectures in Navigation Ernest Gallaudet Draper Lectures in […]

  • Bow-divider

    a bow compass, each leg of which terminates in a needle, used to transfer measurements from one area of a drawing to another.

  • Bow-front

    swell front.

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