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bow3 (def 4).
Historical Examples

The Island Home Richard Archer
The Von Toodleburgs F. Colburn Adams
The Thorogood Family R.M. Ballantyne
The World of Ice Robert Michael Ballantyne
The Story of a Bad Boy Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Peter and Jane S. (Sarah) Macnaughtan


Read Also:

  • Bow–out

    to bend the knee or body or incline the head, as in reverence, submission, salutation, recognition, or acknowledgment. to yield; submit: to bow to the inevitable. to bend or curve downward; stoop: the pines bowed low. to bend or incline (the knee, body, or head) in worship, submission, respect, civility, agreement, etc.: He bowed his […]

  • Bowrider

    a motorboat with an open bow provided with seating.

  • Bow-rudder

    (in canoeing) a technique in which a paddler in the bow holds the paddle at an angle from the side of the bow, using it as a rudder to steer.

  • Bow-saw

    a saw having a narrow blade held at both ends by a bowed handle. Historical Examples Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler

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