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containing bowers; leafy; shady:
a bowery maze.
(among the Dutch settlers of New York) a farm or country seat.
the Bowery, a street and area in New York City, historically noted for its cheap hotels and saloons and peopled by the destitute and homeless.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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the Bowery, a street in New York City noted for its cheap hotels and bars, frequented by vagrants and drunks

Bowery Boy, the typical New York tough of a generation or two ago, named from the street which he chiefly affected …. He rather prided himself on his uncouthness, his ignorance, and his desperado readiness to fight, but he also loved to have attention called to his courage, his gallantry to women, his patriotic enthusiasm, and his innate tenderness of heart. A fire and a thrilling melodrama called out all his energies and emotions. [Walsh, 1892]


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