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one of the balls, having little or no bias, used in playing ninepins or tenpins.
one of the biased or weighted balls used in lawn bowling.
bowls, (used with a singular verb) lawn bowling.
a delivery of the ball in bowling or lawn bowling.
(formerly) a rotating cylindrical part in a machine, as one to reduce friction.
to play at bowling or bowls; participate in or have a game or games of bowling.
to roll a bowl or ball.
to move along smoothly and rapidly.
Cricket. to deliver the ball to be played by the batsman.
to roll or trundle, as a ball or hoop.
to attain by bowling:
He bowls a good game. She usually bowls a 120 game, but today she bowled 180.
to knock or strike, as by the ball in bowling (usually followed by over or down).
to carry or convey, as in a wheeled vehicle.
Cricket. to eliminate (a batsman) by bowling (usually followed by out):
He was bowled for a duck. He was bowled out for a duck.
bowl over, to surprise greatly:
We were bowled over by the news.
a round container open at the top, used for holding liquid, keeping fruit, serving food, etc
Also bowlful. the amount a bowl will hold
the rounded or hollow part of an object, esp of a spoon or tobacco pipe
any container shaped like a bowl, such as a sink or lavatory
(mainly US) a bowl-shaped building or other structure, such as a football stadium or amphitheatre
a bowl-shaped depression of the land surface See also dust bowl

a drinking cup
intoxicating drink

a wooden ball used in the game of bowls, having flattened sides, one side usually being flatter than the other in order to make it run on a curved course
a large heavy ball with holes for gripping with the fingers and thumb, used in tenpin bowling
to roll smoothly or cause to roll smoothly, esp by throwing underarm along the ground
(intransitive) usually foll by along. to move easily and rapidly, as in a car

to send (a ball) down the pitch from one’s hand towards the batsman, keeping the arm straight while doing so
Also bowl out. to dismiss (a batsman) by delivering a ball that breaks his wicket

(intransitive) to play bowls or tenpin bowling
(transitive) (in tenpin bowling) to score (a specified amount): he bowled 120


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