Chester, 1901–86, U.S. statesman and author: special adviser on Afro-Asian and Latin-American affairs; ambassador to India 1951–53, 1963–69.
Paul (Frederic) 1910?–1999, U.S. novelist and composer.
Samuel, 1826–78, U.S. journalist.
Contemporary Examples

Debt Deal’s Winners & Losers Daniel Stone August 1, 2011
Alexander McQueen Exhibit: Fashion’s Big Night Robin Givhan, Jacob Bernstein May 2, 2011
Simpson-Bowles Rebaked Michael Tomasky February 18, 2013
The Left’s Deficit Fantasy Eric Alterman November 11, 2010
Megan McArdle on Why We Need to Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff Megan McArdle November 29, 2012

Historical Examples

The Pirate Island Harry Collingwood
The Green Satin Gown Laura E. Richards
The King in Yellow Robert W. Chambers
Halsey & Co. H. K. Shackleford
Bat Wing Bowles Dane Coolidge

Paul. 1910–99, US novelist, short-story writer, and composer, living in Tangiers. His novels include The Sheltering Sky (1949) and The Spider’s House (1955)

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