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the office of a theater, stadium, or the like, at which tickets are sold.

receipts from a play or other entertainment.
entertainment popular enough to attract paying audiences and make a profit:
This show will be good box office.

of or relating to the box office or to the business and commercial aspects of the theater:
a box-office window; box-office receipts; a box-office attraction.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Pincher Martin, O.D. H. Taprell Dorling
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an office at a theatre, cinema, etc, where tickets are sold
the receipts from a play, film, etc

the public appeal of an actor or production: the musical was bad box office
(as modifier): a box-office success

The office where seats for a play, concert, or other form of entertainment may be purchased, as in Tickets are available at the box office. It is so called because originally (17th century) it was the place for hiring a box, a special compartment of theater seats set aside for ladies. [ Second half of 1700s ]
The financial receipts from a performance; also, a show’s relative success in attracting a paying audience. For example, You may not consider it great art, but this play is good box office. [ c. 1900 ]


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