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Kirk Cameron of ‘Growing Pains’ Says He’s Not Homophobic, Explains Christian Beliefs Ramin Setoodeh March 19, 2012
Obama Meets the Queen Katty Kay March 30, 2009


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  • Boxer

    a person who fights as a sport, usually with gloved fists, according to set rules; prize-fighter; pugilist. one of a German breed of medium-sized, stocky, short-haired, pug-faced dogs having a brindled or tan coat with white markings. a person or thing that packs items into boxes. boxers, boxer shorts. a member of a Chinese secret […]

  • Boxer-briefs

    noun Examples Word Origin

  • Boxer-rebellion

    a member of a Chinese secret society that carried on an unsuccessful uprising, 1898–1900 (Boxer Rebellion) principally against foreigners, culminating in a siege of foreign legations in Peking that was put down by an international expeditionary force. noun a person who boxes, either professionally or as a hobby; pugilist a medium-sized smooth-haired breed of dog […]

  • Boxer-shorts

    men’s loose-fitting undershorts with an elastic waistband. Historical Examples Makers Cory Doctorow plural noun men’s underpants shaped like shorts but having a front opening Also called boxers

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