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beautiful people; beautiful person.
See B.P (def 4).
blood pressure.
bills payable.
Bachelor of Pharmacy.
Bachelor of Philosophy.
Finance. basis point.
Archaeology. before the present: (in radiocarbon dating) in a specified amount of time or at a specified point in time before a.d. 1950:
between 2 and 3 million years b.p.; human groups living in cities by 5000 b.p.
Commerce. bills payable.
Finance. basis point.
below proof.
Commerce. bills payable.
Physics, Chemistry. boiling point.
Contemporary Examples

The Gulf’s Next Disaster Dominique Browning June 10, 2010
Who Needs an Oil Spill Czar? Reihan Salam May 28, 2010
July Fourth Outrage: British Gov’t Elevates Disgraced BP Boss Tom Bower June 30, 2010
July Fourth Outrage: British Gov’t Elevates Disgraced BP Boss Tom Bower June 30, 2010
BP’s Windfall to the Rich Rick Outzen June 2, 2010

Historical Examples

Notes and Queries, Number 48, Saturday, September 28, 1850 Various
Priestley in America Edgar F. Smith
Notes & Queries, No. 50. Saturday, October 12, 1850 Various
The Elements of Blowpipe Analysis Frederick Hutton Getman
Scientific American Supplement, No. 841, February 13, 1892 Various

(of alcoholic density) below proof
boiling point
blood pressure
British Pharmacopoeia

boiling point
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Philosophy
barometric pressure
basis point
bills payable
blood pressure
borough president


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