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a large fern or brake, especially Pteridium aquilinum.
a cluster or thicket of such ferns; an area overgrown with ferns and shrubs.
Historical Examples

By Violence John Trevena
Beyond John Galsworthy
Mary Rose of Mifflin Frances R. Sterrett
The Chestermarke Instinct J. S. Fletcher
The Hill of Venus Nathan Gallizier
Tales of Space and Time Herbert George Wells
The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft George Gissing
A Room With A View E. M. Forster
Robert Elsmere Mrs. Humphry Ward
A Room With A View E. M. Forster

Also called brake. any of various large coarse ferns, esp Pteridium aquilinum, having large fronds with spore cases along the undersides and extensive underground stems
a clump of any of these ferns


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