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(US, informal) boastful
Word Origin


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  • Braggart

    a person who does a lot of bragging. bragging; boastful. Contemporary Examples The Extinction Parade: An Original Zombie Story by Max Brooks Max Brooks January 13, 2011 The Case of the Yakking Yakuza Jake Adelstein September 15, 2014 Alice, Bratty in Wonderland Nicole LaPorte February 27, 2010 Historical Examples The Light in the Clearing Irving […]

  • Braggartly

    a person who does a lot of bragging. bragging; boastful. noun a person who boasts loudly or exaggeratedly; bragger adjective boastful n.

  • Bragged

    to use boastful language; boast: He bragged endlessly about his high score. to boast of: He bragged that he had won. a boast or vaunt. a thing to boast of. a boaster. an old English card game similar to poker. Archaic. unusually fine; first-rate. Contemporary Examples ‘Zumba Madam’ Allegedly Used Maine Dance Studio As Brothel […]

  • Bragger

    a person who brags. Cards. (in some forms of brag) the jack of clubs or nine of diamonds. (in other forms of brag) any jack or nine. the first bettor in a game of brag. Historical Examples The William Henry Letters Abby Morton Diaz Arne; A Sketch of Norwegian Country Life Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson Encyclopaedia Britannica, […]

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