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a member of a brain trust; an important but usually unofficial adviser.


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  • Brainwash

    to cause (someone) to undergo brainwashing. the process of brainwashing. a subjection to brainwashing. Contemporary Examples The Art of ‘Mr. Brainwash’ Anthony Haden-Guest February 17, 2010 The Art of ‘Mr. Brainwash’ Anthony Haden-Guest February 17, 2010 The Art of ‘Mr. Brainwash’ Anthony Haden-Guest February 17, 2010 Historical Examples I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon Richard […]

  • Brainwashing

    a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, especially through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques. any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion: brainwashing by TV commercials. an instance of subjecting or being subjected to such techniques: efforts to halt the brainwashing […]

  • Brain-wave

    Usually, brain waves. Medicine/Medical. electrical potentials or impulses given off by brain tissue. Compare alpha rhythm, beta rhythm, delta rhythm. Informal. a sudden idea or inspiration; brainstorm. Historical Examples Boon, The Mind of the Race, The Wild Asses of the Devil, and The Last Trump; Herbert George Wells Somehow Good William de Morgan The Rough […]

  • Brainwork

    work or effort consisting principally or largely of mental activity, thought, imagination, etc., as opposed to physical or manual work. the effort of thought, reasoning, planning, or the like; ordered or directed thinking: Solving problems is a form of brainwork. Contemporary Examples 13 Classic Helen Gurley Brown Quotes Jesse Ellison August 12, 2012 Historical Examples […]

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