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a product of one’s creative work or thought.
Contemporary Examples

Ramen Burger’s Inventor Talks About the Food Craze Eclipsing the Cronut Marlow Stern August 8, 2013
The Week in Nostalgia: ‘SNL’ Launches, O’Reilly Debuts & More (VIDEO) Chancellor Agard October 11, 2013
American Dreams: ‘The Stepford Wives’ by Ira Levin Nathaniel Rich August 23, 2012
Tesla Wins Even When It’s Losing Daniel Gross November 10, 2013
In Praise of ‘Awkward’: OMFG MTV, Like, Really Gets High School Amy Zimmerman June 19, 2014

Historical Examples

Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett

noun (pl) -children
(informal) an idea or plan produced by creative thought; invention


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