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(informal) an idea that a person voices without much consideration, such as during a brainstorming session


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  • Brainfood

    noun any foodstuff containing nutrients thought to promote brain function, such as oily fish which is rich in omega-3 oils

  • Brainfuck

    brainfuck language An eight-instruction programming language created by Urban Müller. His goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language with the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0. He eventually reduced his compiler to under 200 bytes. A Brainfuck program has a pointer that moves within an array of 30000 bytes, initially all set […]

  • Brainiac

    a highly intelligent person. Contemporary Examples All Your Internet Boyfriends Are Taken: Gosling, Cumberbatch, and now Joseph Gordon-Levitt Melissa Leon January 2, 2015 15 Signs You’ll Raise a Genius Anneli Rufus October 23, 2011 noun (informal) a highly intelligent person n. An intelligent person; brain: Hugo is such a rainia he got 100% on the […]

  • Brainier

    intelligent; clever; intellectual. Historical Examples Rope Holworthy Hall The Pullman Boycott W. F. Burns This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald adjective brainier, brainiest (informal) clever; intelligent adj.

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