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a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle or other moving mechanism by the absorption or transfer of the energy of momentum, usually by means of friction.
brakes, the drums, shoes, tubes, levers, etc., making up such a device on a vehicle.
anything that has a slowing or stopping effect.
Also called brakeman. a member of a bobsled team who operates the brake.
Also called breaker. Textiles. a tool or machine for breaking up flax or hemp, to separate the fiber.
Also called press brake. a machine for bending sheet metal to a desired shape.
Obsolete. an old instrument of torture.
to slow or stop by means of or as if by means of a brake.
to furnish with brakes.
to process (flax or hemp) by crushing it in a brake.
to use or run a brake.
to stop or slow upon being braked.
to run a hoisting machine.
simple past tense of break.
Contemporary Examples

Megan McArdle on Why We Need to Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff Megan McArdle November 29, 2012

Historical Examples

Creatures of the Abyss Murray Leinster
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton
An Empty Bottle Mari Wolf
Gold in the Sky Alan Edward Nourse
Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet Harold Leland Goodwin
The Flying Stingaree Harold Leland Goodwin


(often pl) a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle, wheel, shaft, etc, or for keeping it stationary, esp by means of friction See also drum brake, disc brake, hydraulic brake, air brake, handbrake
(as modifier): the brake pedal

a machine or tool for crushing or breaking flax or hemp to separate the fibres
Also called brake harrow. a heavy harrow for breaking up clods
short for brake van
short for shooting brake
an open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage Also spelt break
an obsolete word for rack1 (sense 4)
to slow down or cause to slow down, by or as if by using a brake
(transitive) to crush or break up using a brake
an area of dense undergrowth, shrubs, brushwood, etc; thicket
another name for bracken (sense 1) See also rock brake
(archaic, mainly biblical) a past tense of break


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