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  • Branson

    noun Sir Richard. born 1950, British entrepreneur. In 1969 he founded the Virgin record company, adding other interests later, including Virgin Atlantic Airways (1984), Virgin Radio (1993), and the Virgin Rail Group (1996): made the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by boat (1986) and the first of the Pacific by hot-air balloon (1991) Contemporary Examples […]

  • Brant

    any of several species of small, dark-colored geese of the genus Branta, especially B. bernicla, breeding in high northern latitudes and migrating south in the autumn. Joseph (Thayendanegea) 1742–1807, Mohawk Indian chief who fought on the side of the British in the American Revolution. a male given name. Contemporary Examples A Supermodel’s Shocking Reunion Jacob […]

  • Brantford

    a city in S Ontario, in SE Canada, near Lake Erie. Historical Examples The Story of My Life Egerton Ryerson The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920 Various Harbor Tales Down North Norman Duncan Montreal 1535-1914, Volume II (of 2) William Henry Atherton History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Joseph […]

  • Branting

    Karl Hjalmar [kahrl yahl-mahr] /kɑrl ˈyɑl mɑr/ (Show IPA), 1860–1925, Swedish statesman: prime minister 1920, 1921–23, 1924–25; Nobel Peace Prize 1921. Historical Examples Essays on Scandinavian Literature Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen Ten Years Near the German Frontier Maurice Francis Egan Ten Years Near the German Frontier Maurice Francis Egan noun Karl Hjalmar (jalmar). 1860–1925, Swedish politician; […]

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