(Brit, informal) something of little or no value: his opinion isn’t worth a brass farthing

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  • Brass-hat

    a person in a high position, especially a top-ranking army or navy officer. Historical Examples Indiscretions of Archie P. G. Wodehouse noun (Brit, informal) a top-ranking official, esp a military officer A high-ranking officer in the military or other uniformed services (1890s+ British) Any high-ranking official; manager; chief; boss (1930s+) A high-ranking official, as in […]

  • Brass-instrument

    a musical wind instrument of brass or other metal with a cup-shaped mouthpiece, as the trombone, tuba, French horn, trumpet, or cornet.

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    a band of metal with four holes that fits over the upper fingers and that is gripped when a fist is made, used for increasing the effect of a blow with the fist. Historical Examples Andersonville, complete John McElroy Andersonville, Volume 2 John McElroy

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    wealth, success, or a prestigious position considered as a goal or prize: Few of those who reach for the brass ring of the Presidency achieve it. the opportunity to try for such a prize. A chance to achieve wealth or success; a prize or reward. For example, “As a businessman he let the brass ring […]

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